Tree of Life Philippines

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Tree of Life (TOL) Philippines is a children’s program designed to help young children get proper education and Christian guidance. In the Philippines, TOL programs are in place in Lapu-Lapu City, Bogo City, and Butuan City with over 100 kids. With more sponsors, we hope to expand to other places and grow in numbers. TOL works in partneship with Christian schools and faith-based organizations. July 07


Be a sponsor

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Tree of Life (TOL) helps provide education and care to underpriviledged kids 4-10 years old. In some places they even get meals, snacks, and a little allowance on weekends. For less than a dollar a day, you can be a full sponsor and make a difference in the life of a child. One-time donations are also appreciated. Please help now. Send your donation to Tree of Life, 4600 Altamesa Blvd., Fort Worth, Texas 76133 USA. Or you may contact Bobby Moore at or Linda Henry at

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